Sault Ste. Marie 9/11 Day Event

On September 15th the Sault Area Middle School’s WOW Jr. Program will partner with United Way to take part in a project that honors the victims of 9/11.  This project will take place at 4:00 at the Athletic Field in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan just before the Sault Area High School’s football team plays.  This project will call for a moment of silence, and the American flag will be presented by the American Legion Post #3.  Afterwards, students in the WOW Jr. Program will give a short presentation on the importance of volunteering and serving your community.  Volunteer commitment cards will then be distributed to the audience.  These cards contain section for each individual’s contact information, as well as a section for where each individual would like to volunteer in.  Once the cards are filled out, they will be collected by the WOW Jr. students and given to United Way’s volunteer center.  Since several hundred people are expect to attend the game, these cards will give the volunteer center a tremendous amount of potential volunteers.

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