Victoria’s Trip to NCVS – Day 2

Wow! Day 2 at NCVS sure was fascinating! This was my day of learning. I kicked off the day with one of the highlights of my conference experience, a panel discussion with youth. It was my favorite learning session because I have been facilitating focus group in the Eastern part of the U.P. The youth on stage gave very similar responses to the youth I have been working with. My favorite quote came from a young man. He said adults need to make it clear that “I see you. I hear you. What you say matters to me.” It was a wonderful way to sum up how important positive adult relationships are.


I enjoyed a luncheon with the HandsOn Connect and All for Good team. Did you know that when you sign up for, your opportunities automatically go to Neither did I. There’s also a new app we will be adding to the GLCYD and UPVN Facebook pages that will pull up all the volunteers opportunities in your area, based on your IP address! Organizations can down load it as well, and it will only show their opportunities. It’s a great way to recruit volunteers though social media.


My final learning session was all about the Common Core Standards and how to work with teachers to create service projects that align with the standards. I have a great packet of information on this from Youth Service America, and would love to share it with you if this is something your organization is interested in pursuing.


I wrapped up the night volunteering at the reception events at Coca Cola. I was positioned outside in the wonderful sunshine directing people left or right. I enjoyed seeing so many participants and meeting some wonderful attendees. The great thing about volunteering at a volunteer conference…everyone is so good at saying thank you! At least 30 people stopped and thanked us for standing out in the sun. Personally, I was loving the heat, although the other volunteers weren’t so fond of it.


I also met some awesome people while volunteering. Shout out to Deanna from and Jennifer from The Center for Philanthropy in Bermuda. These two were a blast! We took some selfies of the outdoor volunteers when our shift was over.

 photo 1 photo 3

After our shift, we were able to attend the Celebrating Service in Atlanta reception. The food was phenomenal and the company was fantastic, but the best part of the reception was the World of Coke Tasting Room. There were many fountain pop dispensers with all kinds of pop from around the world. I’ve never seen so many flavors! My favorite was pineapple Fanta.

IMG_2785 IMG_2784 IMG_2783

After the reception, it was time to sneak in a quick trip to the pool before it closed, the off to bed to prepare for Day 3, the last day.


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